Online vs Offline

If e-commerce is seen as more and more of a competitor to traditional shops, its share in retail sales only represented 6.0% in 2013 in France (6.9% expected in 2014). The most mature market in Europe is that of the UK (12.1% in 2013 with 13.5% expected in 2014) who are even placed in front of the US (10.6% in 2013). E-commerce however is a particularly dynamic sector. In 2014 the development of online sales will be 11.9 times greater on the European average than the development of traditional sales. In France, the rhythm of development of online sales will even be 17.3 times greater. It is also important to note that payment methods are not yet unanimous in Europe. Between the different Countries the methods chosen differ greatly: if the credit card is the principal method in France, other Countries prefer a bank transfer, prepaid card or even payment on delivery.


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