E-Commerce in Europe: 2013 key figures and 2014-2015 prospects

The French are the third largest European online consumers behind the Germans and the British. In 2014, French cyber-buyers should spend 908€ each against 1267€ in the UK. The UK confirms its position as European e-commerce leader. 67% of the population have purchased online in 2013. This year, sales the other side of the Channel should generate in total 53B€, an increase of 15.8% on 2013 figures. Germany follows with 42B€ (+22%) and France is classed third (31B€, +17%). European e-commerce is growing more rapidly than in the USA but spending however does remain lower. If the total number of cyber-buyers is similar on the 8 key markets studied in Europe (175.2 million) and the United States (171.2 million), the weight of the American market is today 49% greater (196B€ spent in the US in 2013 against 132B€ in Europe). E-commerce represented 6% of retail sales in France in 2013 and should reach 6.9% in 2014. Online market growth will be 17.3 times greater in 2014 than the growth of traditional sales (16.5% v 0.9%) Online payment methods differ greatly depending on Country. E-shoppers in the UK, France and the US choose mainly credit cards, whereas the Spanish and Italians prefer a prepaid card, in Germany the most widespread method of payment is via bank transfer.