Why Choose Mr. Logistics as your E-fulfillment service?


Finding the right E-Fulfillment services can be the catalyst that makes or breaks an E-commerce venture overseas. You have to be absolutely sure that the company you choose can adapt to your logistics needs and the needs of your business. Not all E-Fulfillment services were created equally, and you need a company that will work just as hard as you do to make your customer happy. Logistics is our expertise.


Here are 6 great reasons to choose Mister Logistics for your E-Fulfillment service needs:

International Logistics

We make export easy

Exporting to another country can be daunting; there's administrative issues, customs, taxes, regulations, etc. We can use our expertise to help you get your business into European markets. In addition to managing your international logistics, we manage all the administrative and customs paperwork, manage your import channels, and handle the legalities for you. International business has never been so simple!

Affordable International Logistics

We're affordable

Hiring several different companies to help with exporting your business to Europe, setting up your own on-site warehouse, and hiring your own logistics team is expensive and time consuming. As an E-fulfillment service provider, we offer an affordable alternative that makes things simple.  We understand that the "one-size fits all" approach doesn't work for everyone, so we offer personalized solutions with prices tailored to your business and your needs. 

Inventory Logistics

We'll stock your products in our secured warehouse

Integration with our E-fulfillment service software is seamless with no down-time. We work with several IT partners to guarantee compatibility over multiple platforms. You'll have access to real time information about your stock and your sales. You can also organize and optimize your storage process so that we handle your products as you would yourself.

Personalized packaging solutions

Packaging tailored to your brand

We'll package your inventory exactly the way your customers expect it. We send out your products as we'd expect to receive it. We'll also consolidate your orders to better save you shipping costs throughout Europe. We'll take great care in managing your stock during peak times to make sure you always have enough inventory for your customers. 

Optimized Delivery options

Fast and accurate delivery

Having your merchandise closer to your customers means your customers wait less for delivery.  Unlike ordering directly from your inventory in the US, when you choose an E-fulfillment service in Europe, you have already dealt with customs, taxes, and the largest leg of your products' journey to your customer's doorstep. This provides quick, hassle-free delivery for your customers from their preferred carrier, and delivery tracking in their native language.

E-fulfillment Service

Providing Customer Service

 With your products integrated in our software, managing customer questions and feedback is simple, and returns are as painless as possible. Our inventory management system is tracked from reception to delivery, so you and your customer both know where the product is at each moment of it's journey. What sets Mister Logistics apart from other E-fulfillment services is our magnificent customer service: our representatives speak your customers' native languages, and give fast, personalized support. We care about your clients because your business is our business.

When you choose Mister Logistics, you're choosing quality. We streamline your business in Europe and lend our expertise to ensuring that your customers' orders go smoothly, quickly, and accurately. We're going to make things simple: How does it work?