Spending per e-shopper

Even though the frequency of purchases is very similar in Europe to the United States (13.3 v 13.9 purchases in 2013) the study reveals that the average value per customer purchase is much greater across the Atlantic (82.5€ in 2013, 46% greater than the European average of 56.40€). The British cyber-buyers are those who spend most and who, with the Germans, purchase most frequently; whereas France is placed 5th with an average value per customer purchase of 55.30€ and 14.1 products purchased on average in 2013. As for cyber-buyers annual spending, the Americans, with purchases up to 1143€ in 2013, have spent 52% more than European buyers (751€ on average), but often we find only 4% ahead of the UK (1094€). French cyber-buyers have spent on average 779€, an amount slightly higher than the European average.

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