Managing your business is what you do best, E-fulfillment logistics is what we do best.


Using a foreign E-fulfillment logistics solution doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll take care of the complicated paperwork and help you get ready for your adventure in overseas markets. We have worked hard to make this process as quick and easy as possible. Here are the 8 easy steps to working with Mister Logistics E-Fulfillment:



Step 1: Customs & Administration

Laws and regulations tend to be an obstacle for Americans wanting to export. We will handle your customs and administration paperwork. We will also help you apply for your VAT number and help you adjust your prices in euros to include the tax. You will be provided with legal representation in Europe to handle your regulation compliance and make sure your products or services conform with European laws.


ReceptionStep 2: Integration & Reception

We’ll integrate your inventory into our system, which is compatible with several platforms. Integration in our system is seamless, so there’s no downtime for you or your E-commerce site.  We’ll go above and beyond an E-Fulfillment logistics service: we also offer expert advice on how to make your business succeed overseas.


StorageStep 3: Storage

Work with us directly to optimize the organization of your merchandise in our secured warehouse. We want to be able to work as efficiently as possible for you, so we’ll need your input on how we store your products to ensure that they arrive to your customers as quickly as possible and in perfect condition.


PreparationStep 4: Preparation

Our system is automated with several human checks along the way to guarantee an accurate shipment to your customer. With our automated E-fulfillment logistics system, we’ll be able to give you the control of your merchandise in real time, so you’ll always know which of your products are selling the best and how to adjust your inventory for further sales.


Packaging  Step 5: Packaging

When it comes to your products, no one knows how to package them better than you do! We want your advice on how best to send your product, and we’ll follow it! We can also take care of the E-fulfillment legalities of sending merchandise: attaching warning labels, dealing with sending packages over borders, customs, etc. 


Delivery  Step 6: Delivery

We work with all major transporters in Europe, and we’ll work with the ones your customer prefers. We know these companies and work with them every day, so we’ll make sure your products get to your clients as quickly and as safely as possible. We also use some delivery methods that don’t exist in the US, like secure drop-off points where a customer can pick up a package at leisure.


TrackingStep 7: Tracking 

With our interface, both you and your customer can track each step of the delivery and receive updates. This is especially helpful for the customer, as the tracking information will be in the language of the customer’s preference.



Step 8: Returns & Customer Service

Your European customers will expect the best in customer service in their native language, and we can provide that. We will know your product policy and fulfill your expectations when it comes to servicing your customers. Our software is designed to give real time updates on your inventory stock and returns, and we’ll manage those returns as you would in the United States.



We are more than just E-fulfillment logistics solutions, we’re business partners. We want to see your business succeed in foreign markets, and we’re determined to help you do that. We’ll guide you through each step of the process that you need and make sure that your exporting to Europe legally and effectively for these markets.  Ask our experts today how you can start exporting right away.