Customs, Taxes, and Regulations

Selling in Europe comes with certain legal stipulations. We can be your liaison to get these stipulations taken care of and get your product or service ready for sale in Europe. Our legal services include:

  • Customs and Duties services: We will handle the formalities concerning customs and duties in Europe. We benefit from the Community transport status, which means that we can transport your merchandise to our secured warehouse in France while  paying customs and duties at a later date.
  • Registration for the VAT number and price adjustment: The VAT can be complicated: it varies between country and item type, and it differs quite a bit from sales tax in the United States. We will handle getting your E-commerce registered with your official VAT number and we will also work with you to accommodate your prices to include the VAT, be competitive in European markets, and keep your profits high.
  • Registration for the EORI number: The Economic Operator Registration and Identification number is what allows a business to operate in the European Union. We will take care of the formalities in obtaining this number for you, which will allow your inventory to pass into the EU easier and quicker.
  • Legal representation: We want to make sure that your E-commerce has legal protection based in the EU. We will put in place a legal representative to handle your affairs in Europe and keep you within legal rights to practice your business in the EU. This will allow for extra protection concerning your rights as a business owner.
  • Packaging assistance: We will aid you in getting your packaging compliant with European laws, which call for more strict labels and warnings with certain products. We will be sure to keep your packaging representative of your brand, but legally compliant for your security.
  • ISO Standard compliance: We will offer our consulting services to getting your product ISO compliant to promote trust and loyalty in European customers. Getting the appropriate paperwork done to make sure that you can brand your products ISO compliant is a priority for us.
  • Advertising regulations: We will offer our legal services to the aid of your marketing in Europe to make sure that your products are using the best visibility channels while staying well within European law.


We’re ready to put our logistics expertise to the benefit of your E-commerce. We have several tools to make inventory planning and optimization quick and easy. Our logistics solutions include:

  • Integration: Integration of your inventory in our automated system is seamless- you can expect to continue business with no down-time. You’ll also be able to track your inventory changes in real time, and analyze which of your products resonate the best with your European customers.
  • Reception: Receiving is an easy process once we have your EORI number. With our Community Transport status, we can delay customs and duty payments until you begin selling your merchandise.
  • Storage: Our warehouses are secure and ideally placed between Paris, with access to all major international airports, and Le Havre, with access to all European river and sea shipping. This ensures that your customers will receive your products quickly. We will optimize your merchandise storage in our warehouse to guarantee accuracy when shipping your products.


The benefit of choosing Mister Logistics is in our Delivery services. We offer fast, accurate, and personalized delivery solutions according to your customers’ preferences:

  • Packaging: we will packaged your products the way we’d expect to receive them. We want to make sure that your product arrives safely to your customer, and in perfect condition. We will also package your merchandise as you would, with your brand specific packs.
  • Delivery methods: Delivery for European customers is quite different than in the United States, and our methods reflect the preferences of your customers. We offer several solutions to make sure your customers have a personalized delivery experience, which will make you stand out from the competition. We offer:
    • Access points, where customers can pick up their packages at a local store of their choice.
    • Doorstep Delivery with or without signature, so your customer can determine the level of security necessary.
    • Post office delivery, where your customers can choose the post office closest to their home for pick up.
    • Rush delivery- for when your clients need your product as soon as possible.
    • Carrier choice for your customers to get the best possible experience.
  • Tracking: We will provide delivery tracking information in your customer’s native language, with updates in real time either via email or text message. You and your customer can follow each delivery in real time, which allows your customer to feel secure during the delivery process.

Web Marketing

In addition to our logistics solutions, we offer web marketing services to give you the best possible launch in Europe. We have a team of web experts dedicated to getting your E-commerce visibility with your target market. Our services include:

  • Web Site Translation: Our team of experts will translate your site into the target language of your choice to better serve your customers. Website translation is one of the biggest factors in making your E-commerce work in an international market, so we will translate using native speakers to make sure that your site resonates with your customers.
  • Product Photo shoots: We will take quality photos of your products to keep your E-commerce looking professional and clean.
  • SEO Referencing: The first step in getting your E-commerce ready for international customers is making sure that you’re using the right keywords to promote search engine hits. Our web marketing consulting team will create relevant content for your site and blog to promote your E-commerce’s referencing.
  • Web Marketing: Referencing your site will take time, so we can put in place advertising on prominent websites your customers will visit. We can also set up advertising in Google Adwords and Social media platforms.
  • Social Media consulting: We can create articles linking to your E-commerce site or blog to promote referencing as well. We offer consulting for your social media platforms to promote a comprehensive strategy to market your E-commerce to European audiences.

Customer Service and Returns

Customer service is something we take very seriously, and we have a team dedicated to making sure your customers stay happy. Your customers are our customers. Our services include:

  • Email and Telephone options: If your customers need us for any reason, our team will be available. The benefit of customer service with our team is that you customers can have personalized service in their native language.
  • Returns: We will handle returns as per your policies. We will keep your inventory updated and offer solutions to satisfy your customers. If you have policies concerning free merchandise for dissatisfied customers, we will be ready to act based on how you want your service. We will personalize each step of the customer service process to make sure you and your clients are satisfied.